was an aging travel website with extremely loyal users. The biggest challenge was to innovate in a company that was afraid to make huge changes in fear of affecting the bottom line. As the lead user experience designer, I tasked myself and my team to innovate and simplify how our customers interacted with the product. 


The rental car business was an extremely complex and commoditized industry. After many user-testing sessions and iterations on simplifying the design, my redesign alone increased conversion by 3% - which equaled to an addition $2 Million of revenue a month. 

- Led a small team of designers to optimize current pages as well as design new features for web and mobile
- Planned regular lab testing for new features and new concepts
- Used analytics to inform optimizations and new designs
- Created prototypes using Axure and for new ways to imagine the car rental industry


The Hotels section of the site was the bread and butter of Hotwire. With the use of interactive prototypes, my team helped the executive and product team envision what Hotwire Hotels could be.